Quality Assurance Services

Quality Assurance (QA) process entails checking the validity of all the mandatory documents submitted by prequalified suppliers. QED staff also check the validity of the certifications from relevant licensing authorities including the following:


  •  Kenya Revenue Authority – validity of iTax PIN and compliance certificate
  •   Nairobi County Council – validity of the business/trade license
  •  National Construction Authority (NCA) – validity of construction      compliance certificates for Construction companies;
  •   NEMA and
  •   HTML, JavaScript & XML
  •   Professional certification bodies.

Once the QA is completed, the buying entity has the confidence that they are dealing with a bona fide supplier with the capacity to deliver.

  •   Opportunity audits for expanding existing implementations
  •   Post-implementation results analysis
  •   Key Performance Indicator (KPI) analysis
  •   Workflow process review
  •   Future technology planning


QED Solutions Ltd will deliver value to all the stakeholders and will attain excellence and leadership through such delivery of value. We will strive to support the stakeholders in all activities related to us.


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