Procurement Consulting

Procurement’s role is evolving rapidly from a tactical team focused on cost reduction to a strategic entity driving enterprise-wide value.  To meet these new expectations, procurement organizations must transform their legacy processes, practices and structures, and align them with the current needs of the enterprise QED adopts a holistic approach toward procurement transformation that focuses on building a high-performance procurement organization in the shortest period of time.  Like any transformation program, the real challenge is in the implementation. We differentiate ourselves by supporting our clients throughout the transformation journey.  To build organization capabilities, we focus on the three key aspects of a procurement organization: strategy, people and process & tools


  •  Developing organization-wide procurement strategy aligned to business goals
  •   Implementing a strategic sourcing roadmap for significant savings
  •   Developing category specific strategies for ongoing category management


    Organizational Design & People



  •   Assessing existing organizational effectiveness and competencies
  •   Designing the right organization structure aligned with the business
  •   Skill enhancement program including training, recruitment and succession plan
  •   Implementing a robust governance and performance management framework including metrics and scorecards (PPM)
  •   Leading the change management program


QED Solutions Ltd will deliver value to all the stakeholders and will attain excellence and leadership through such delivery of value. We will strive to support the stakeholders in all activities related to us.



Facility and asset management consulting

Application Integration

QED Solutions will assist to Link ARCHIBUS with other ERP applications such as Human Resources, Financial, and Security systems to increase functionality and productivity. Work with our specialists to implement the powerful ARCHIBUS integration tools that bridge departmental applications, ultimately adding value to everyone's work. Technologies Used To Deliver Integration Solutions ARCHIBUS can deploy multiple tools and techniques to support emerging application-to-application technologies:


  •  Batch data migration
  •   Database "Back-End"
  •  Email Messaging 
  •   ActiveX
  •   HTML, JavaScript & XML
  •   VB script

Implementation and Management Audits

By supporting intelligent decision-making across the enterprise, ARCHIBUS can help organizations realize quick payback on their investment. Receive periodic reviews on optimizing your ARCHIBUS solution to achieve further productivity gains and cost savings.

  •   Opportunity audits for expanding existing implementations
  •   Post-implementation results analysis
  •   Key Performance Indicator (KPI) analysis
  •   Workflow process review
  •   Future technology planning

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