Who We Are

Established in 2011, QED is a leading niche business solutions software provider in Africa.QED is at the forefront of the global technology marketplace, identifying the latest best-in-class software solutions in the market. QED brings and connects these businesses enabling technology with end users. QED implements these solutions across the entire business and industry spectrum, creating unique value addition to private and public sector entities. These organizations gain immediate value adding benefits through cost savings, efficiency, transparency and accountability provided by QED’s technologies.

QED works closely with our technology partners to ensure that the business solutions are implemented on time and in budget. Post implementation, QED provides end-user support to guarantee that tangible value adding benefits are achieved. QED also provides value adding services including consulting, training, due diligence and procurement audits. Our long list of satisfied clients is testament to our dedication to high quality customer support and service.QED’s vision, mission and values are as depicted below:







QED’s impressive portfolio of business solutions are indicated in the table below:

QED also provides value adding services including;

1.System implementation;


3.Accounting services;


5.Procurement Audit;and

6.Due diligence

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